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Feeling inundated and overwhelmed with incoming bankruptcy court notices?

The new Notice Me™ service puts bankruptcy court notices in their place — eliminating the disorganized tangle of unread e-mails, automatically managing the sorting and filing of those notices, and most importantly, saving your "free-looks" until you decide to delete them.

This new automated service provided by EZ-Filing, Inc. saves you time and money, operating as a virtual assistant, processing your incoming court notices. Serving bankruptcy attorneys for over two decades, EZ-Filing is experienced in delivering efficient and automated software solutions to bankruptcy firms coast-to-coast.

Notice Me™ does it all for you!

Regardless of the software you currently use to file bankruptcy cases, with minimal set-up, Notice Me™ service automatically grabs the court notices and free-look documents and saves them to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device for later scrutiny. Further, Notice Me can post court notification event dates to your electronic calendar and even remind you when you have an actionable date.

Simple to set up · Easy to use · Indispensable

Simply install the software, create a Google™ e-mail (Gmail™) account, and set up how you want Notice Me to process your incoming court notices. Notice Me automatically does the rest:

  • Regularly monitors your Gmail account for court notices based on a schedule that you define
  • Sorts, organizes, and files court notices by case name in a location that you specify
  • Posts court event notification dates for 341 Meetings, Section 521 Incomplete Filings, Stay Hearings and others to any electronic calendar that is compatible with Google
  • Facilitates the optimal use of "free looks" by providing instant access to the viewing and printing of any filed document
  • Sends out e-mail, pop-up, and text message reminders to occur as often as you like
  • Allows for the execution of manual downloads in between your scheduled downloads when you are waiting for a specific court notice for a client case.

Compatible with any bankruptcy software you currently use

Designed to work with all major bankruptcy software currently available on the market, any bankruptcy attorney can take advantage of Notice Me services.

However, EZ-Filing users have the added benefit of viewing the court notices for each client file in a centralized, easy-to-access location — the Case Notes window — without the additional tasks of importing or copying documents. To download a free demonstration CD of EZ-Filing bankruptcy software, click here.

Order Today

Our 90-day money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied means there's no reason not to start putting court notices in their place now. The Notice Me service is provided FREE to all EZ-Filing software users who have a current support subscription. If you're not an EZ-Filing customer, your annual Notice Me™ service is only $99 (there are no hidden charges, no extras to buy, no fees for support or maintenance contracts). To order, call EZ-Filing Software at 1-800-998-2424 or click here.

Please Note: The Notice Me service does not work in districts that only send out daily summaries in lieu of individual notices.

The Notice Me™ Service is Compatible with all Bankruptcy Forms Software!

Regardless of the software you currently use to file your bankruptcy cases, Notice Me™ will download, organize, calendar, and manage your bankruptcy court notices.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee if not Completely Satisfied

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